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Azilee Native Roots - Concentrated Premium Root Stimulating Growth Oil

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The World's BEST Scientifically Formulated Hair Growth Oil for All Hair Types!

People LOVE our Azilee "Native Roots" Stimulating Hair Growth Oil! Azilee is not just another blend of essential oils. It is a properly formulated, energetically balanced organic blend of oils and herbs that when applied directly to the scalp and massaged in, stimulates the roots to promote a healthy environment for hair to thrive! 

The Consistent RESULTS Speak for Themselves! WOW!


Therapeutic-Grade Organic Herbs and Essential Oils Blended the Native Way!


  • This native formula is designed to promote thicker, healthier hair, especially around the edges and any area that is experiencing thinning.
    It is also used to assist in maintaining hair health while promoting a beautiful, non-greasy shine.
  • Organic hemp oil, organic black seed oil, organic black castor oil, organic lavender oil, organic rosemary, organic coconut oil, organic frankincense, organic helichrysum, organic melaleuca alterniflolia, organic lemongrass, organic eucalyptus, organic ylang-ylang, organic peppermint, organic vitamin E.

    ** Product has naturally occurring phytocannabinoids.

  • Apply directly to affected area and massage gently.
    We recommend that those with thin or fine hair use smaller amounts of the product or use overnight or as a hot oil treatment.
    Individuals with fuller hair may use more liberally as needed.

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